Economic and Social Impact of Pertussis Among Adolescents in San Diego County.

During recent pertussis epidemics, adolescents have experienced a large burden of disease. We assessed the impact of pertussis among San Diego adolescents and their households.
Parents of pertussis patients aged 13-17 years were surveyed about health care utilization, missed work and school, and other factors. Costs of medical visits, medication use, and lost wages were estimated.
The parents of 53 (of 108 [49%]) eligible 2013 pertussis patients were interviewed; 51 (96%) of these patients previously received tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine. Medical visits included primary care (81%), urgent care (11%), and emergency department (9%); all patients received antibiotics. Forty-seven households (89%) received a post-exposure prophylaxis recommendation, and five (9%) reported ≥1 unpaid parental leave day. Thirty-eight patients (72%) missed ≥1 school day (mean = 5.4 days). Societal costs were estimated at $315.15 per household and $236,047.35 in San Diego during 2013-2014.
Even among vaccinated adolescents, pertussis can result in considerable societal costs.

Authors:Varan AK1, Harriman KH2, Winter K2, Thun MD3, McDonald EC3.
Journal:J Adolesc Health. 2016