Characteristics of Hospitalized Cases of Pertussis in Catalonia and Navarra, Two Regions in the North of Spain.

Pertussis causes a large number of cases and hospitalizations in Catalonia and Navarra. We made a study of household cases of pertussis during 2012 and 2013 in order to identify risk factors for hospitalization in pertussis cases. Each primary case reported triggered the study of their contacts. Close contacts at home and people who were in contact for >2 hours during the transmission period of cases were included. The adjusted OR and 95% confidence intervals (CI) was calculated using logistic regression. A total of 1124 pertussis cases were detected, of which 14.9% were hospitalized. Inspiratory whoop (aOR: 1.64; CI: 1.02-2.65), apnoea (aOR: 2.47; CI: 1.51-4.03) and cyanosis (aOR: 15.51; CI: 1.87-128.09) were more common in hospitalized than in outpatient cases. Hospitalization occurred in 8.7% of correctly-vaccinated cases, 41.1% of non-vaccinated cases and 9.4% of partially-vaccinated cases. In conclusion, inspiratory whoop, apnoea and cyanosis were associated factors to hospitalization while vaccination reduced hospitalizations due to pertussis.

Authors:Crespo I1, Toledo D2, Soldevila N1, Jordán I3, Solano R4, Castilla J5, Caylà JA6, Godoy P7, Muñoz-Almagro C8, Domínguez Á1; Working Group on the Transmission of Pertussis in Households.
Journal:PLoS One. 2015