Needle-free and adjuvant-free epicutaneous boosting of pertussis immunity: Preclinical proof of concept

The limited durability of pertussis vaccine-induced protection requires novel approaches to reactivate immunity and limit pertussis resurgence in older children and adults. We propose that periodic boosters could be delivered using a novel epicutaneous delivery system (Viaskin®) to deliver optimized pertussis antigens such as genetically-detoxified pertussis toxin (rPT). To best mimic the human situation in which vaccine-induced memory cells persist, whereas antibodies wane, we developed a novel adoptive transfer murine model of pertussis immunity. This allowed demonstrating that a single application of Viaskin® delivering rPT and/or pertactin and filamentous hemagglutinin effectively reactivates vaccine-induced pertussis immunity and protects against Bordetella pertussis challenge. Recalling pertussis immunity without needles nor adjuvant may considerably facilitate the acceptance and application of periodic boosters.

Authors:Gavillet BM1, Mondoulet L2, Dhelft V2, Eberhardt CS3, Auderset F3, Pham HT4, Petre J4, Lambert PH3, Benhamou PH2, Siegrist CA3.
Journal:Vaccine. 2015