Protecting newborns against pertussis: the value of vaccinating during pregnancy.

Resurgence of pertussis has recently been reported in several countries with long-standing pertussis immunization and high vaccination coverage. This situation requires consideration of alternative immunization strategies to protect newborns. In the absence of a vaccine that confers long-lasting immunity, maternal vaccination for pertussis during pregnancy seems to be a safe, immunogenic, effective and accepted strategy to protect infants during the first weeks of life. The existing scientific evidence provides the grounds for pregnant women and healthcare workers to make informed decisions regarding this measure as well as for countries with high pertussis-related infant morbidity and mortality that should consider implementation. Furthermore, this could be a promising strategy to address other vaccine-preventable diseases of pregnancy and the neonatal period.

Authors:Vilajeliu A1, García-Basteiro AL, Bayas JM.
Journal:Expert Rev Vaccines. 2015