Complete genome sequence of a clinical Bordetella pertussis isolate from Brazil.

There has been a resurgence in the number of pertussis cases in Brazil and around the world. Here, the genome of a clinical Bordetella pertussisstrain (Bz181) that was recently isolated in Brazil is reported. Analysis of the virulence-associated genes defining the pre- and post-vaccination lineages revealed the presence of the prn2-ptxS1A-fim3B-ptxP3 allelic profile in Bz181, which is characteristic of the current pandemic lineage. A putative metallo-β-lactamase gene presenting all of the conserved zinc-binding motifs that characterise the catalytic site was identified, in addition to a multidrug efflux pump of the RND family that could confer resistance to erythromycin, which is the antibiotic of choice for treating pertussis disease


Authors:Andrade BG1, Marin MF1, Cambuy DD1, Fonseca EL1, Souza NF2, Vicente AC1.

Journal:Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2014