Management and prevention of pertussis infection in neonates.

Despite the fact that universal immunization against pertussis led to a dramatic decrease in the incidence and mortality in high-income countries, it has left a window of vulnerability for newborns. Although specific guidelines concerning management of neonatal whooping cough have not yet been developed, the present review summarizes the main available recommendations on diagnostic work-up and treatment of neonatal pertussis. Additionally, new prevention strategies are explored, including the use of an additional booster dose of vaccine to adolescents and adults, vaccination of healthcare workers, immunization of household contacts and caregivers (cocooning strategy), vaccination of pregnant women and, finally, neonatal immunization with novel vaccines. These strategies are analyzed and discussed in terms of efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness.


Authors:Berti E1, Venturini E, Galli L, de Martino M, Chiappini E.

Journal:Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2014